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Remote Control for Gateway Media Center 13$


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Part number 8006551
The Remote Control with 2AA batteries is for use with Windows XP Media Center functions such as the Media Center Guide, My TV, My Videos, My DVDs, My Music, My Pictures, recorded TV, and volume levels.
The remote control is used with the IR Dongle and is included with Gateway's Media Center computers.
Detailed information regarding the hardware setup is found in the manual. Note: When shipped from the factory, the IR emitter may be taped to the remote control or placed inside the protective foam packaging for either the remote control or the IR dongle.

Part number 8006551
Remote Control with 2AA Batteries Specifications
Transmitted Code RC6 mode 6A
Infra-Red Wavelength (RC6 mode 6A) 905 mm ± 50 mm
Carrier Frequency
(Includes shift and drift) 36 KHz ± 2%
Data Pulse Width Tolerances 5% maximum
Operational Voltage 2.2 to 3.2 volts. Battery type "AA" alkaline must be used.
Battery Lifetime One year with alkaline batteries
(300 button presses per day, seven days per week)
Operating Environment Temperature: -10° C to 60° C
Humidity: 45% to 90%
Certifications FCC, CE, EN50082-1

IP Dongle
Part number 7004363

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